BTS Profiles In Conclusion

In January, we introduced you to the Blue Trading Systems team to show you the people behind our exceptional products. Thank you for taking the time to read our profiles. We hope they helped you get to know us a little better. It would seem we have a diverse range of species on display in the BTS zoo, including: a Buddha, a King Cobra, a Unicorn, a Vampire, two Crocodiles, two Dolphins, a Goat, a Cheetah, a Tiger, an Octopus, a Mantis Shrimp and an Alpine Swift!

But our personal greatness does you no good, so we invite you to learn more about our products, which quite possibly will. BTS Edge is our advanced, intuitive trading system for options market makers, proprietary trading groups and brokers. BTS Spark is our new futures trading solution, furnishing traders added control over server hardware, better support from vendor partners, and lower latency with an FPGA option.

While relegating your trading application to the cloud might make sense for traders less concerned with security, speed and accountability; we offer an alternative for those unwilling to relinquish control to this nebulous, anonymous hardware platform. By collaborating with hosting vendors staffed by professionals familiar with the standards demanded by professional traders, we offer superior performance, reliability, and support, at essentially zero additional cost.

Please give us a call at 919 913 0850 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demo or more information about our products.

Also, follow our blog for updates about our products, team and partners, and industry conference reports. We have been active in the options community for over twenty years. Now, as we introduce our futures system, BTS Spark, we look forward to getting to know futures traders and their colleagues.

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