BTS Profiles: Trevor Colvin

Blue Trading System’s is a family of traders, technologists, innovators and committed professionals. The women and men that work here want to build something that not only meets demand but advances the industry. We are sharp, loyal and strategic.

As we enter 2018, we wanted to highlight the people behind the name. These are the ones applying their knowledge, dedicating their time and investing their money in Blue Trading Systems. Throughout this year we invite you to learn more about the people building the solutions.

Trev Colvin
What is your name, title and responsibilities at Blue Trading Systems?
Trev Colvin, CEO, which in my case is a misnomer. I am the oldest and put in most of the money. I provide managerial and business guidance.

How did you get into this field of derivatives trading? Trader or technologist?
I defected from science to finance. Lucky me. It’s been great. I love the urgency. It’s exciting.

From your perspective, can you describe the relationship between BTS and its clients?
We genuinely care and try to give them better service than they ever thought they would get from a software vendor. I wish they would bug our offices so they could hear how we talk about customer service amongst ourselves. It’s a big deal.

How has BTS evolved since you started at the company?
We have acquired wisdom and character from humiliation.

What are a few challenges the industry is currently facing?
Dwindling volatility and figuring out which, if any, aspect of your intelligence will not become irrelevant when replaced by its superior artificial version.

What is your favorite piece of advice regarding trading, technology, the markets, leadership?
Figure out how to be your authentic self and develop your natural gifts instead of trying to prove something, to whom? Nobody cares.

If you had to pick, what animal would you be and why?
Buddha, because he is the highest form of animal I know.

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