BTS Profiles: Brian Muhr

Blue Trading System’s is a family of traders, technologists, innovators and committed professionals. The women and men that work here want to build something that not only meets demand but advances the industry. We are sharp, loyal and strategic.

Through 2018, we wanted to highlight the people behind the name. These are the ones applying their knowledge, dedicating their time and investing their money in Blue Trading Systems. We invite you to learn more about the people building our solutions.

Brian Muhr
What is your name, title and responsibilities at Blue Trading Systems?
Brian Muhr, Director of Sales, leading the sales effort of BTS offerings amongst various other things that come with it. As previously mentioned by a variety of colleagues, everyone wears many hats, but all work towards a common goal of providing the best trading software from all angles.

How did you get into this field of derivatives trading? Trader or technologist?
Technologist, my first “civilian job” upon coming back to Chicago was with Blue Capital Group. Prior to that I was with the US Army stationed in Germany, doing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I recall in my interview that they were looking for someone good in a potentially hostile environment, which was a perfect fit for me. At Blue Capital Group, in which Blue Trading Systems spun off, Jake and I were the primary support and operational team for all things technology related. It’s really great working alongside him again as well as everyone else in Chapel Hill, and Chicago.

From your perspective, can you describe the relationship between BTS and its clients?
It’s incredibly close as clients should expect when it comes to their technology providers. Clients sleep well knowing it’s not just another ISV, but a partner providing the best tools on the market for trading.

How has BTS evolved since you started at the company?
Going back to the Blue Capital days, it’s a huge change as it’s commercially licensed software instead of simply developed in house for one client. With the movement to the Spark futures system BTS can apply lessons learned from the Edge system which is evolving nicely.

What are a few challenges the industry is currently facing?
There are variety of issues currently in the industry, but the biggest thing might be the versatility of software to handle major changes no matter what they are. Also, the inter-communication amongst firms so that everyone is on the same page with major changes is still a work in progress and really separates software providers.

What is your favorite piece of advice regarding trading, technology, the markets, leadership?
Having thick skin and not just working hard but being very good at what you do. I truly love in the industry that if you aren’t really, really good at what you do, you won’t be around for long. It might sound a bit cut throat but it’s totally true, it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you had to pick, what animal would you be and why?
That’s easy, the cheetah, it’s the fastest

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