BTS Spark, Ignite your Futures Trading BTS Spark, Ignite your Futures Trading

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A futures trading system built to meet the demands of today's markets

At Blue Trading Systems we have built successful derivatives trading systems for more than two decades. We are proud to continue our commitment to engineering excellence with Spark: an algorithmic futures trading system designed for speed, control, extensibility, and reliability.

Spark algos respond to market events in microseconds, giving our users better fills. Spark also allows users to create simple, fast algos without writing code through our Algo Studio. Users with more complex needs can create their own algos using our APIs, all while retaining control over their source code and IP.

Spark is supported by a responsive team with one goal: complete customer satisfaction.

BTS Spark features include:

  • Full CME and ICE support
  • An ultra-low latency, highly functional spreader and algo engine
  • A consistently fast platform, even during times of high volatility
  • API access to support custom algos
  • A robust futures front end interface
  • Shared or private co-location

Faster response times mean better queue position

  • Sub-10 microsecond response times on algos yield better queue positions to make a profitable exit
  • Sub-10 microsecond spreader requotes decrease the likelihood of bad fills
  • User defined algos run at comparable speeds allowing the user to concentrate on the algo, not the periphery

BTS Algo Studio, custom algos without writing code

  • Users combine simple algo types to create an Algo Template
  • These templates are then usable through both the front end interface and the API
  • BTS continues to build new basic algo types on our dynamic algo fabric
  • Users can build additional algo types for use in Algo Studio through our C++ API

BTS puts you in control

We have learned through experience that speed and flexibility are paramount and that traders should control the timing of

  • No cloud infrastructure, 100% co-located
  • Flexible hosting options
  • A built-in performance report with the exact timings of your re-quote and hedge speeds

A user interface designed to facilitate efficient trader workflows

Our intuitive interface is designed to help you zero in on opportunities and execute consequent trades naturally. Our platform provides a solid technological foundation for Proprietary Trading Groups, Commodities Houses and Brokers alike, with a view toward streamlining trading workflow.

Our user interface allows you to:

  • Perform operations with the fewest possible clicks
  • Configure layouts with multiple monitors
  • Organize your space with tabbed windows
Spark Launcher
Spark Ladder

Spark Spreader:

  • Create synthetic spreads with 2, 3, or more legs
  • Set pre-quote throttles to mitigate exchange messaging


  • Apply an algo-driven hedging process
  • Create custom hedging logic through our API

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