At Blue Trading Systems we have built successful derivatives trading systems for more than two decades. We are proud to continue our commitment to engineering excellence with Spark: an algorithmic futures trading system designed for speed, control, extensibility, and reliability.
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Advanced Derivatives Trading

Spark algos respond to market events in microseconds, giving our users better fills.

Spark also allows users to create simple, fast algos without writing code through our Algo Studio. Users with more complex needs can create their own algos using our APIs, all while retaining control over their source code and IP.

Spark is supported by a responsive team with one goal: complete customer satisfaction.


Consistently Fast

BTS Spark was designed for consistently superior performance during times of high volatility.

Through the use of BTS’ ultra-low latency algos, customers are able to capitalize on more edge-capturing opportunities due to the increased order flow that arises in volatile markets.

We are continually enhancing our software’s speed to help you get a better queue position.


Client and Server APIs

Spark offers two APIs to extend functionality on both the server and client side.

Use our C++ Algo Plugin API to combine our spreader and algos with your own logic on the server. Since spark runs on your co-located servers you maintain control over your strategies and intellectual property.

Our Client Control API gives you access to market data, orders and trades on the client; we built our front end with this API so it is so it is well tested and highly functional.


Risk Management

BTS Spark was developed with insight from top risk managers in the derivatives industry.

Spark Admin, an intuitive web based interface for the management of users, accounts, and risk on Spark systems including size and limit controls as well as live margin management.

Since each Spark server includes its own instance of the Spark Admin there is no need to install software or to manage multiple versions.


Feature Highlight: BTS Algo Studio, custom algos without writing code

BTS Spark’s algo studio offers traders the ability to easily create custom high performance algos using an intuitive graphical interface. Built in algos become low latency building blocks to completely customize your trading style.

When you create an algo template, select the top level parent from the drop down box; notice that the border color changes to match the selected algo. Set any parameters on the algo and choose the child algo types.

Each child order can have it’s own children, and there is no limit to the number of levels you can add. This gives you the ability to create a complex algo to suit your unique trading strategy.

Use your new custom algo in the ladder from the order type selector just like any built in algo; or use the Algo Favorites feature to keep the algo available with a single click.

Even more flexibility is available to users of our Algo Plugin API. Your algos written in C++ can be joined with all existing algos in the algo studio.

As always; BTS keeps speed in mind, which is why algos created in the Spark algo studio have the same ultra low latency footprint as our sub-10 microsecond spreader.


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