BTS Spark, Ignite your Futures Trading BTS Spark, Ignite your Futures Trading

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A futures trading system built to meet the demands of today's markets

Building upon our 15+ year heritage in the options software space, Blue Trading Systems continues our commitment to engineering excellence with Spark: an algorithmic futures trading system designed for optimal functionality, speed and reliability. Spark addresses the shortcomings of currently available alternatives, and is further enhanced in fast, iterative release cycles to manage industry conditions. Spark is supported by a responsive team with one goal: complete customer satisfaction.

BTS Spark features include:

  • An ultra-low latency, highly functional spreader and algo engine
  • A consistently fast platform with API access
  • A robust, efficient futures front end interface
  • Market data and execution for CME and ICE
  • Eurex coming soon
  • Collocation on either shared or private servers
Spark Futures Ladder

User interface facilitates efficient trader workflows

Our intuitive UI is designed to help you zero in on opportunities and execute consequent trades naturally. Our tools provide a solid technological foundation for Futures Commission Merchants, Proprietary Trading Groups, Banks, and Brokers alike, with a view toward streamlining trading workflow.

Our user interface enables you to:

  • Perform important operations with the fewest possible clicks
  • Configure multiple layouts on as many monitors as you wish
  • Organize your space with tabbed windows
  • Maintain a consistent market data rate even in extreme market conditions
  • Leverage a variety of order types including:
    • Market / Limit
    • Stop / Stop Limit
    • Iceberg
    • Time Box
    • OCO
    • Lean
    • Join
    • Cover
    • Top
    • Trigger

BTS Spark spreader provides verifiably better fill quality

Our considerable experience providing options market-making systems has shown us that speed and flexibility are paramount, and that traders should control the timing of update releases. Our system was built to easily incorporate new features while maintaining latency profiles necessary to compete in today’s electronic derivatives markets.

Our ultra low latency spreader includes:

  • Under 10 microsecond tick to re-quote times
  • The ability to create complex synthetic spreads with 2, 3, or more legs
  • An ever-growing algorithm library built on our dynamic algo fabric
  • Ability to compose algos through the algo studio and save them for quick deployment
  • Pre-quote throttles to mitigate exchange messaging
  • Pre-hedge rules to manage leg risk
  • Post-hedge functions to work a more advantageous hedge price

BTS Spark {API}

BTS Spark API allows simple, clean extension and customization

Our BTS Spark API provides simple, powerful ways to extend our product. We generate .NET and C++ wrappers over our core C API with the following end points:

  • Create a custom Algo Order in C++ with our server-side API. Leverage our low latency framework in your custom logic
  • Control our Spreader, Lean, Cover and Join algos by combining their logic with your own.
  • Market data: Subscribe to the full depth of book for futures, listed spreads, and synthetic spreads
  • Orders: Send orders for any contract including synthetic spreads
  • Trades: Subscribe to trade feeds to receive notification on fills and orders

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