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“How can I quote a spread that doesn’t exist yet?” “How can I respond to demand for call spreads with a Delta between 20 and 60 at a particular edge level?”

With BTS Edge you can automatically make a market on new spreads when they are added to the exchange, or respond automatically to an RFQ message indicating customer demand. The all-new auto RFQ response module is built atop our innovative and trusted electronic tasking system.

Configuring Auto RFQ response is as easy as filtering the table of existing RFQs and specifying a target task. You can filter based on any combination of security type, symbol, expiration, spread type, and a specified range of Strikes or Greeks. Once you have a filter specified you simply select an existing task from the drop-down and check the box to verify. Now any new RFQs that match the rule will be automatically added to the task, and you can create as many rules as you need.

If you are interested in learning more or would like a demo of Blue Trading Systems’ software click here to contact us.


Our roots in the options trading industry have allowed us to create an intuitive interface to our ultra low latency quoter. Electronic quoting is done with our Tasking interface, and is integrated into our trading sheets and spread book.

Simply right clicking on either the sheets or spread book lets you create a new quoting task or edit an existing one. You can easily set the edge and size for bid and ask, specify the target number of contracts, and start quoting with only a few clicks, or you can further streamline the process by making templates beforehand.

You can quote a range of outrights by quickly dragging over the rows in the options sheets, or quote a range of spreads with the same actions in the spread book. Securities can be added or removed before the task is started. Any task can be paused and edited from sheets or spread book where it was created or in the Task Command center where all tasks are listed by name.


We would like to thank you and wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.

Over the past year, Blue Trading Systems has brought many new features to you. We delivered our innovative new tasking system, completely revamped volatility management tools, new and dramatically improved analytics, a more modern and efficient interface, and many more features and improvements. We have also improved our quality assurance testing to bring you safer, more reliable releases.

Coming in 2017, in addition to significant speed improvements, we are excited to bring our trusted risk management to more users as a stand-alone application. We also plan on launching first class API access to our system. New and existing customers will be able build custom tools on top of a BTS foundation.

We will have more to announce as the year progresses, so if you haven’t yet joined, please sign up for our mailing list here.

Happy Holidays From Blue Trading Systems

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