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We are excited to offer BTS Spark to futures traders at a discounted introductory price of $1,000/month. Our team has applied its considerable experience, acquired over 15 years building reliable and continuous market connectivity and low latency execution options software, to develop BTS Spark for the futures market.

BTS Spark features a robust futures functionality as well as the ability to create and operate synthetic spreads. Traders have control over updates, leaving the authority in our client’s hands.

We learned in the options markets to address the critical need for reliable and continuous low latency times. BTS Spark logs competitive re-quote times in microseconds on a platform customizable via a C++/C#/Excel client API.

But it can go even faster. For another $1,000/ month, license an FPGA accelerated version.

We consider our clients as partners, as you will see interacting with our conscientious, responsive customer-service and support teams. Flexible licensing terms are available on shared servers or proprietary hardware.

If you are interested, we would appreciate the chance to demo the product.

The game is changing. Make your move.

BTS Edge API beta helps customers extend their trading platform. This sample demonstrates how easy and intuitive it is to integrate your proprietary algos with our tasking system.

In this example we connect to the EngineService to demonstrate basic interaction with the BTS Edge system. We check that the eye is actively working and set up a heartbeat so the engine can verify that your extension is running correctly. We get and set the parameters for the eye, and define the target securities for the engine.

The CME has recently entered into an exclusive agreement that will return Russell products from ICE back to CME. Blue Trading Systems attended a recent gathering sponsored by FTSE Russell to mark this important expansion of equity index products offered by CME Group. Exchanges, regulators, proprietary trading firms and technology providers met informally to discuss the transition.

“Offering the Russell 2000® Index at CME Group to trade alongside our suite of equity index benchmarks provides our customers greater capital and risk management efficiencies,” said Tim McCourt, CME Group’s Global Head of Equity Products. “We’re pleased to provide a powerful tool for investors seeking to manage risk in the small-cap segment.”

On July 10, 2017, the FTSE Russell Index Futures products returned to trading at the CME with an average daily volume of about 14,000 contracts (with 13,517 futures and 433 options traded daily). As of last week, their largest trading volume since the launch was Thursday, August 17 with 33,533 E-mini Russell 2000 futures contracts traded.

“Volatility spiked on Thursday the 17th during the day and customers came to the CME Group to manage risk where they can access equity indices on a single platform,” said McCourt “We’re excited to offer a more cost effective opportunity for global exposure using futures and options, with margin offsets of up to 70% against the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones indices.”

“We are pleased to bring the Russell US index products back to the CME Group offering an efficient hedge to cash index options,” said Sean Smith, Managing Director of Derivatives Licensing at FTSE Russell. “We continue to work together with all our strategic partners to help deliver innovative Index products to the market. We want to thank everyone who came out to mark this transition.”

Blue Trading Systems was honored to be part of the conversation, and looks forward to supporting Russell index options traders through this transition. We invite you to see how BTS Edge can help you identify opportunities and manage and diversify risk in this small cap segment.

How we consistently deliver low latency software solutions

Our roots in trading have made us aware of the need for consistent speed. Earlier this year, we decided to look at what our experience taught us building low latency software solutions. Our commitment to providing reliable and dependable products has taught us to treat performance as a primary design driver, measure realistically and to cultivate mechanical sympathy. Read below to learn more about what we’ve learned along the way, and what mechanical sympathy is exactly.

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