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CHICAGO, IL & CHAPEL HILL, NC, October 10, 2017-- Blue Trading Systems, a leading provider of derivatives trading and risk analytics software, and Celoxica, a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) market access company, today announced BTS Spark Powered by Celoxica, a joint venture combining Celoxica’s deterministic FPGA feed handlers and market gateways with Blue’s new futures spreader BTS Spark.

We at Blue Trading Systems are proud to introduce BTS Spark, our futures spreader, at the Futures Industry Association Expo in Chicago on October 17-19. It delivers optimal functionality with speed and reliability. BTS Spark and BTS Edge, our options trading platform, are now both accessible via our new API. Please read below for more information and contact us to schedule a meeting at Expo.

BTS Makes Play For Futures Market With BTS Spark

BTS introduces game-changing execution platform to fill void in futures markets

CHICAGO, IL & CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blue Trading Systems, an innovative and leading provider of derivatives trading and risk analytics software, has launched BTS Spark, a comprehensive, reliable, and extremely fast platform for futures traders. Users leverage a functionally robust futures interface and have the ability to create and operate synthetic spreads. Software updates are controlled by the trader, leaving final authority in the customer’s hands.

“Our clients said there was a void in the futures market and they were looking for alternatives,” said Kevin Darby, Managing Partner at Blue Trading Systems. “We are pleased to deliver an agile solution that has been built with an emphasis on speed and reliability.”

BTS Spark is a customizable platform with a C++/C#/Excel client API and has posted competitive re-quote times in microseconds. For an additional charge, customers can leverage an FPGA hardware accelerated version.

“We are pleased to bring the BTS Spark platform, built based on client requests, to the futures market,” said Darby. “We offer flexible licensing terms and pride ourselves on ultra-responsive customer support.”

Blue Trading Systems will be at FIA Expo in Booth 1013 where you can demo our new BTS Spark product. We know the game is changing and will help you make your move.

About Blue Trading Systems

Blue Trading Systems enhances trading strategies and accelerates quoting times with low latency, versatile, software solutions. Our feature updates are seamless, our customer service is responsive and we link our success to our clients’ success. With our game-changing technology, our clients maintain their competitive edge in the derivatives space.


For Sales Inquiries:
Kevin Darby, 919-913-0850

We are excited to offer BTS Spark to futures traders at a discounted introductory price of $1,000/month. Our team has applied its considerable experience, acquired over 15 years building reliable and continuous market connectivity and low latency execution options software, to develop BTS Spark for the futures market.

BTS Spark features a robust futures functionality as well as the ability to create and operate synthetic spreads. Traders have control over updates, leaving the authority in our client’s hands.

We learned in the options markets to address the critical need for reliable and continuous low latency times. BTS Spark logs competitive re-quote times in microseconds on a platform customizable via a C++/C#/Excel client API.

But it can go even faster. For another $1,000/ month, license an FPGA accelerated version.

We consider our clients as partners, as you will see interacting with our conscientious, responsive customer-service and support teams. Flexible licensing terms are available on shared servers or proprietary hardware.

If you are interested, we would appreciate the chance to demo the product.

The game is changing. Make your move.

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