BTS Prepares for FIA Expo

We at Blue Trading Systems are proud to introduce BTS Spark, our futures spreader, at the Futures Industry Association Expo in Chicago on October 17-19. It delivers optimal functionality with speed and reliability. BTS Spark and BTS Edge, our options trading platform, are now both accessible via our new API. Please read below for more information and contact us to schedule a meeting at Expo.

BTS Spark

BTS Spark addresses shortcomings in currently available alternatives. Enhancements will be delivered in fast release cycles for a timely response to changing conditions. The spreader and algo platform supports all CME instruments, with other exchanges to be added soon. BTS Spark, like all BTS products, is supported by a responsive team aiming for complete customer satisfaction. Finally, collocation is available on either shared or private servers and we can provide FPGA hardware accelerated versions as well. More on our FPGA partner coming soon!


Developers can customize BTS Spark through our intuitive API. We generate .Net and C++ wrappers over our core C API. Users can create complex synthetic spreads with applicable execution parameters and rules. They can subscribe to the full depth of book for futures, listed spreads and synthetic spreads and subscribe to feeds for notifications on fills and orders. Finally, users can also send orders for futures, listed spreads and synthetic spreads.


Similar to our Spark API, our options platform API enhances and extends market capabilities and allows developers to focus on proprietary strategic initiatives. Data are delivered through the Edge API as a transactional stream of typed business objects, obviating the need for error-prone parsing. Fully functional code examples appear in the documentation to help developers. Edge API is integrated into a .Net reactive framework for data manipulation. Searching, filtering and grouping information is easy using a strongly typed C# interface integrated with Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Excel’s RTS functionality can be used to stream business objects from Edge API into an Excel spreadsheet in real time. All core API streaming and RPC functionality are available through the Excel interface, facilitating rapid creation of prototype user interfaces or trading algos.


We have gone to great lengths to create powerful tools to enhance and extend your trading capabilities. Please visit Booth 1013 at FIA Expo to learn more about BTS Spark or BTS Edge, and our APIs. We are committed to evolving our tools to support you in navigating and winning in these ever-changing, competitive and exciting derivatives markets.

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