Blue Trading Systems Expands Presence in Chicago

Blue Trading Systems Expands Presence in Chicago

In addition to expanding our product suite to include a futures trading platform, Blue Trading Systems has also grown in the number of specialists we have in Chicago.  To accommodate our larger presence we have moved out of the Chicago Board of Trade office and into new space at 318 W Adams.

“This is an exciting time for Blue Trading Systems as we expand into the futures space as well as Chicago,” said Kevin Darby, Managing Director of Blue Trading Systems.  “Blue Trading Systems was strategically spun off from Blue Capital Group after they experienced success with their proprietary trading technology. With a focus on research and development many of our team members moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to grow our development team.  We are now at a place where we can maximize opportunities by increasing our presence in Chicago, the derivatives capital of the world.”

The Blue Trading Systems journey began by providing full support to commodity, rate and index options traders.  The BTS Edge platform has highly adaptable volatility controls, risk analysis and intuitive electronic trading capabilities.  It was built from the ground up with speed in mind and has always kept latency as a design priority.

In the past few years, we have taken what we’ve learned from helping options market makers and professional traders, and expanded our suite to assist futures traders as well.  We introduced BTS Spark, our anti-cloud, 25 microsecond futures spreader and algorithmic system. It provides verifiably better fill quality and addresses shortcomings in the currently available platforms.  We are also proud to be the only provider to offer an FPGA accelerated futures platform through our partnership with Celoxica.

We understand that a growing number of traders are also computer scientists, like us, and built the BTS Edge API and the BTS Spark API.  These intuitive tools allow our users to enhance and extend the market capabilities of our solutions.   

With a full suite of products for derivatives professionals, it was only a matter of time before our customer base grew and our need for more experts located in Chicago became apparent. (In fact, if you would like to read about our most recent new hire, please visit our Q&A with Brian Muhr.)  With this growth, we look forward to seeing what we can do in a new space and what additional value we can provide in the future.


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