FIA Boca 2018

meet BTS at FIA Boca

Blue Trading Systems' Co-founder and Managing Partner Kevin Darby will be attending the FIA Boca conference this week. If you would like to enhance your trading strategies, lower your latencies, or simply have a beer with him, let us know.

With low latency and agile software solutions, BTS Edge provides options market makers and proprietary trading firms forward-thinking resources that meet today's demanding markets. Our feature updates are seamless, our customer service is responsive and our success is dependent on your success.

We have also ventured into the futures space with the development of BTS Spark. This is in response to futures traders’ demands for more control over server hardware, better support from vendor partners and lower latency. We’ve also established new partnerships, such as our relationship with Celoxica, which helps us provide an accelerated version of BTS Spark with expanded market coverage.

We look forward to hearing how we can help you maintain that competitive edge as well as your position as a market leader in the derivatives space.

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