BTS Offers New Edge API Beta

Blue Trading Systems is offering a new Edge API to help beta customers extend their trading platform. Intuitive and easy to learn, our API enhances the user experience and extends market capabilities, as well as enables developers to focus on proprietary strategic initiatives.

Data is delivered as a transactional stream of typed business objects, obviating the need for error-prone parsing code. Fully functional examples of code are provided in the documentation to get developers up to speed quickly.

Edge API is integrated into a .NET reactive framework for data manipulation. Searching, filtering and grouping information is easy using a strongly typed C# interface integrated with Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Excel’s RTD functionality can be used to stream business objects from Edge API into an Excel spreadsheet in real time. All core API streaming and RPC functionality are available through the Excel interface, facilitating rapid creation of prototype user interfaces or trading algos.

Let BTS Edge API’s user-friendly interface, enhanced capabilities and real time functionality reduce your development time and cost. If you are interested in becoming a beta customer, please call us to learn more about this opportunity.

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