BTS’ Kevin Darby To Discuss Open Source Software on the Trading Desk at FIA Expo 2018

Managing Partner Kevin Darby will speak on a panel at FIA Expo exploring Open Source and Interoperability on the Trading Desk at 1 pm on Thursday, October 18.  Joined by Brian Peterson at Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, Jared Broad from QuantConnect, Tom Schady from GreenKey Technologies and moderated by Greg Wood from FIA; the group will discuss how open source software can help systems interoperate and allow humans to focus more on providing value.

Open source offers clear benefits in areas such as communication and serialization protocols to promote interoperability between systems.  Additionally, linking in generally accepted and peer reviewed libraries dramatically shortens dev time, however best practices must be followed to avoid common pitfalls around data security, code correctness, and performance.

We invite you to learn more about the pros and cons of Open Source on the Trading Desk from this esteemed panel of technology experts and hope to see you there.

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