FIA Expo 2015 — Introductions to This Year's Booth Staff

FIA Expo 2015

BTS is gearing up for FIA Expo 2015 and we want to introduce you to our booth staff for this year. They will be happy to give you an interactive demo of our system, answer your questions and tell you why BTS offers the best solution for your professional option trading. We are also giving away can koozies to anyone who stops by and bottle openers if you follow us on LinkedIn!

We are constantly improving our software; so current customers are welcome to stop by and learn about the new features we are bringing to you this year. We also have BTS shot glasses for any current customer who stops by.

Taha Afzal

Taha is a managing partner at Blue Trading Systems with over ten years' experience in developing trading systems. Before co-founding BTS, Taha was a partner at Blue Capital Group where he worked in a wide range of areas including ultra-low latency trading engines, distributed systems, risk management systems and user interfaces. Taha holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Kevin Darby

Kevin is a managing partner at Blue Trading Systems and specializes in quantitative analytics, developing trading strategies with clients, and electronic trading systems. Before co-founding Blue Trading Systems, he was a partner in Blue Capital Group where he developed custom volatility and risk models and electronic trading engines. Kevin began his career as a clerk on the CBOE floor one summer while enrolled in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Kevin left school to join the Blue Capital development team full-time in 1999.

Pedro Pinto

Pedro is a Managing Partner at Blue Trading Systems where he specializes in systems architecture. Before co-founding Blue Trading Systems, Pedro was a partner at Blue Capital Group, where he worked for over a decade, leading the design, implementation and deployment of much of Blue Capital's trading software infrastructure. Pedro holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal.

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