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A cohesive team with years of experience together in the derivatives trading industry

At Blue Trading Systems we have built successful derivatives trading systems for more than two decades. BTS spun off from Blue Capital Group, formed in 1998 to make markets in equity index options.

BCG became highly profitable, transacting a substantial share of domestic equity-index option volume, eventually employing over 80 people, including over 20 floor traders.

Prompted by the decline in business due to the low volatility environment following the 2008 financial crisis, BCG ceased making markets in 2010. The development team saw this as an opportunity to serve the larger market and formed BTS.

Several years working closely with seasoned traders to build software tools supporting all aspects of the trading business was perfect training for building commercial trading systems.

That experience shapes all aspects of our products, as does our uncompromising dedication to reliability and general engineering excellence. We are proud to continue that commitment with Spark: an algorithmic futures trading system designed for speed, control, extensibility, and reliability.

Our support team has similarly extensive experience working directly with traders. Forming a responsive team with one goal: complete customer satisfaction.

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